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Everything You Need to Know

Adequate, good water is the foundation of good health. PERIOD. That is an indisputable fact. You can go for weeks without food, but only a few days without water. You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat." That's true - but it is also true that, "You are what you drink." And most people today don't drink enough (if any) good water.

Approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and the human body is composed of a similar percentage.

According to the United States Geological Survey website, we are made up mostly of water. A newborn baby is about 78 percent water, and an adult male about 60%. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%, and even the bones contain 31% water.

It is impossible to obtain and maintain optimal health without adequate, good water.

Diet and Lifestyle Determine Your Health

Someone has said, "Genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger." That is a true statement. Some of us are more genetically challenged than others. We may have to work harder to obtain it, but I believe that maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle will, over the long term, result in optimal health for the vast majority of people.

I don't believe anyone would argue the point that most Americans today do not even pretend to eat and live right. Over half of Americans are overweight or obese, and nearly half are taking prescription medications.

The proper diet and lifestyle would eliminate those two problems for the vast majority. Don't believe me? What if a very highly respected doctor told you? What if Dr. Hiromi Shinya, a world-renowned gastroenterologist who helped invent the colonoscopy, and pioneered colonoscopic surgery without the need for incision told you?

In his book The Enzyme Factor, Dr. Shinya lays out a simple diet and lifestyle plan. On the front cover of the book, he makes this bold statement: "Diet for the future that will prevent heart disease, cure cancer, stop type 2 diabetes." Does that sound like something that you and your loved ones would be interested in?[2]

Normally when we hear "diet" we think of food. We may not consider the fact that what we drink is also a part of our diet. According to an article on the Harvard School of Public Health website entitled “Sugary Drinks,” sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) “…are the single largest source of calories and added sugar in the U.S. diet.” The article goes on to say that, “There is sufficient scientific evidence that decreasing sugar-sweetened beverage consumption will reduce the prevalence of obesity and obesity-related diseases.”[3]

An article on the CDC website entitled “Get the Facts: Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Consumption” adds this information: “Frequently drinking sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with weight gain/obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney diseases, non-alcoholic liver disease, tooth decay and cavities, and gout, a type of arthritis. Limiting the amount of SSB intake can help individuals maintain a healthy weight and have a healthy diet.”[4]

The Secret Revealed

Proper diet - proper lifestyle - avoid sugar-sweetened beverages. Is that it? There is one more thing, according to Dr. Shinya. An elixir that is the foundation of optimal health - something that Dr. Shinya prescribes for all of his patients, along with a proper diet and lifestyle.

Water. That's right - water. The secret elixir is water. But not just any water. He prescribes what the Japanese call Kangen water.

All Water Is Not the Same

When I was a boy, growing up in Alabama in the 1960's, life was a lot simpler.

Now lest you get the wrong idea, my dad didn't usually turn the crank on the ice cream freezer - we kids had to take turns doing it. But it was worth it. I believe it actually helped us appreciate the ice cream more.

But, back to the subject of water. Another very common practice among everyone that I grew up with was drinking water from a garden hose. I would not recommend that practice today! In fact, I would not recommend drinking unfiltered tap water.

At the age of 30 I moved to Mexico and lived there for nearly 23 years. Before we went in 1988, the main advice I received from friends and family was, "Don't drink the water." So we bought purified water in 5-gallon jugs.

Fast-forward to the 2000's. I began to notice when we would come back to the States to visit that more and more Americans were drinking purified water in individual bottles. I even saw in some soft drink vending machines bottled water selling for the same price as soft drinks!

I was intrigued that so many of my fellow Americans were so gullible. How could it possibly make sense to pay the same price for a bottle of water as you pay for a soft drink that contains a number of ingredients besides water?

Anyway, the bottled water craze had begun, and it has only grown exponentially since then, to the point that, as of 2020, reported that the US consumes 1,500 plastic water bottles every second![5]

Let that sink in. Not every day; not every hour; not even every minute. EVERY SECOND!

Okay - I think we all get it. All water is not the same. Our tap water today is not the same as it was in the 1960's. But is bottled water really the best we can do? Is bottled water the intelligent solution to the problem?

There was a special report in the August 2011 edition of Reader’s Digest entitled “Big Gulp.” The introductory paragraph reads, “We have the safest drinking water in the world—except for the pesticides that sometimes sneak in. And the rocket fuel. And the antibiotics…”

The article goes on to say, “Plain water is powerful stuff. Medical experts say getting enough lowers your risk of a number of ailments and unpleasantries.” Then it lists the following: Blood clots; heart disease; kidney stones; cancer; mental fuzziness; crankiness; fatigue; excess weight.[6]

Plain water is powerful stuff, as long as it is good water. Remember: all water is not the same. So, the question is, "Where does one find good water?" Let's allow Dr. Shinya to answer that question.

The Ultimate in Hydration

If you've ever driven a BMW, I believe you will agree with that slogan: it truly is "The Ultimate Driving Machine." Now when I get ready to change the oil in my BMW, do you think I go down to the local discount store and buy the cheapest oil they have? Of course not! The ultimate driving machine deserves only the best oil. Wouldn't you agree?

The human body is "The Ultimate Organism." Wouldn't you agree that it deserves the very best nutrition and hydration? Doesn't it deserve "good water?" Don't you think it will perform at its very best and last longer if supplied with the very best water?

Dr. Shinya defines "good water" in his book The Microbe Factor.

“I define good water as water that has been purified of chemicals like chlorine and other toxins and that has a pH around 8.5. I myself drink Kangen water...”

Later in that same book he explains that around 1980 he was part of a group of scientists, engineers and doctors that got together in Japan to discuss what could be done to save their water that had become contaminated by acid rain.

He goes on to say, “Out of that meeting a technique was developed to process water to make it more alkaline. Others went on to build a machine that does this, for people to put in their homes…since that time I have been drinking this alkaline water we call Kangen water.”[7]

The translation of the Japanese word Kangen is “return to origin,” because it returns water to its original state. If you add the Japanese symbol for water to it, it can be translated “reduced water.”

The machine that Dr. Shinya referred to is a water ionization system that transforms regular tap water into pure, healthy, hydrogen-rich, electrolyzed reduced water (ERW).

According to a 2016 article in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, “Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) produced near the cathode during water electrolysis exhibits high pH, high concentration of dissolved hydrogen and an extremely negative redox potential.”

The conclusion of the article states that, “In summary, the H2 dissolved in ERW acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing the free radical. This is very important if we consider that oxidative stress contributes to the development of many inflammatory diseases.”[8

Check out these phenomenal results that Dr. Shinya obtained with the diet and Kangen water that he prescribed - select the link below.

Alkaline ● Antioxidant ● Superior Hydration

Based in large part on Dr. Shinya's recommendation (and after having watched the above video), I have been drinking Kangen water ever since I discovered it in 2010, and Marshia has been drinking it since 2015. With one of those machines that Dr. Shinya mentioned in our kitchen, we can produce all of the good water - no, not just good - literally the very best water on earth - that we and our extended family need.

Remember, adequate, good water is the foundation of good health. It is impossible to obtain and maintain optimal health without adequate, good water. Here it is right here. Select the INFORMATION link below to learn more.

If You're Going to Bring Me Flowers...

My mom used to say, "If you're going to bring me flowers, do it while I'm alive." I agree with that sentiment, but I believe it really should be expanded to say, "If you're going to do anything for me, do it while I'm alive."

Here's something you can do for your mom or dad, grandparents, older relatives or friends, or anybody you care about who needs to improve their health. Share Kangen water with them.

My mom died a few years ago, but Marshia's mom is still with us. Marshia takes Kangen water to her mom and siblings every week. We've experienced first-hand the power of the alkaline, hydrogen-rich, super-hydrating, antioxidant water that our machine produces, and we are happy to share it with our loved ones.

In fact, I can't think of anything that says "I love you" like doing all we can to keep them happy and healthy, sharing our knowledge about health and nutrition, and sharing our water that is the foundation of optimal health.

Our Motivation

Do you want to know why we are so motivated to get all of our family and friends to eat right, live right, and drink the right water? Do you want to know what drove us to become "health nuts?" Here it is. We have lost way too many loved ones way too soon.

They are gone, but not forgotten. Never forgotten. Good years were stolen from them by disease. Their memory keeps us motivated. Nothing we can do will bring them back, but there is something we can do - something to honor their memory. We can do everything within our power to avoid losing another loved one before their time.

For the Rest of Your Life

Have you or someone you love ever heard those six words from a doctor? Perhaps it went something like this: "You will be on insulin for the rest of your life." Or, "You will have to take a blood thinning medicine for the rest of your life."

I will agree with that doctor, but under one condition: let food be thy medicine. It seems that Hippocrates had grasped a truth that has somehow eluded many modern medical professionals, namely that the most effective "medicine" is a healthy diet. The indispensable foundation of that healthy diet is adequate, good water. According to Dr. Shinya, that water is Kangen water.

Why not commit right now to live the rest of your life on this "medicine" that Hippocrates prescribed - a healthy diet, built upon the foundation of Kangen water. Do it to honor your lost loved ones, but even more importantly, do it for your loved ones that remain. Share your Kangen water with them. Be an example to them. Be an inspiration to them.

For The Whole Family

Your Kangen Water® machine will produce the perfect water for each member of the family. Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness, Neutral Water is delicious drinking water and ideal for preparing baby food.

For the children and adult family members, Kangen Water® with a pH of 8.5, 9.0, or 9.5 - pure, healthy, hydrogen-rich, electrolyzed reduced water - the best water on earth.

For The Whole Family - Including Your Pets!

We have the Kangen Water® for drinking, Neutral Water for the babies and to drink with medications, Beauty Water for the skin, Strong Kangen Water for cleaning fruits and vegetables, and Strong Acidic Water for disinfecting. But what about the four-legged members of the family?

Your pets will receive the same benefits from drinking Kangen Water® that you do. You may have known a dog or cat, as we have, that has suffered from obesity, diabetes, cancer, or some other disease that plagues humans. You want your pets to live long, healthy lives. They must have the very best diet, and the foundation of that diet should be the very best water available - it should be Kangen Water®.

And by the way, you can spray your pet with Beauty Water and then brush to obtain a soft and shiny fur.


Another very important function of the Kangen Water® machine that we have in our kitchen is its ability to produce Strong Acidic Water, a 2.5 pH, non-toxic disinfectant.

Those of us who lived through the year 2020 are keenly aware of the necessity of sanitizing and disinfecting. We weren't affected by shortages of Lysol in stores during the pandemic because our machine will produce all of the natural, non-toxic disinfectant that we need.

Check out this excerpt from a report posted on the National Institute of Health website:

"It is known that EW [electrolyzed water], especially when acidic, shows antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of bacteria; thus, it is widely used in the agriculture and food industry. Several studies have demonstrated that EW has antiviral effects against blood-borne pathogenic viruses and influenza A virus."[9]

Great for Plants

Kangen Water® may give freshness and life to plants. The water stimulates germination and improves seedling development.

Some plants thrive on alkaline water, some on neutral water, and others on slightly acidic water. The Kangen Water® machine will produce the perfect water for all of you plants.

Be a Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution

Let me make one final point - a plea, actually. On behalf of all the future generations, please let each of us do what we can to preserve our beautiful earth and not trash it. I understand that there can be occasions when one would be forced to buy a bottle of water, but please make that the exception.

I encourage you to consider joining us in this crusade to have the healthiest water available for ourselves and our families, and at the same time eliminate all unnecessary plastic waste.

Buy One and You're Done

• Buy one of the machines that Dr. Shinya mentioned, which by the way will save you literally thousands of dollars over the long term. (Select one of the links below to learn more)

• Purchase safe, reusable water bottles for every member of your family.

• Every day, before leaving home, be sure everyone has a sufficient supply of water to last until they return home.

• Only buy bottled water in emergency situations.

Do It Now!

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To your health!


Check out the INFORMATION link below, then call, text, message, or email us when you are ready to take the next step.

It will change your life!

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