The Notasulga Network A network of diverse people with one thing in common; OUR TOWN; Notasulga, Alabama—Population 887

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If you ever attended Macon County or Notasulga High School, or if you ever worked at the school, we invite and encourage you to take part in this project to renew old acquaintances, and find out what our high school friends have been doing since our school days. Our original plan was to develop this website, to gather contact information, build a database, and share photos and stories. However, since the introduction of Facebook, and given the fact that most people are already on Facebook, and it is easier to keep photos and information organized and up-to-date, we have decided to provide the link below, which will take you to the Notasulga Network page on Facebook. Please join it, if you haven't already, and tell all your friends about it. Thanks.


Robert May



The Online Yearbook Project



We have a goal to eventually have ALL of the yearbooks that were ever published for Macon County or Notasulga High School available on the Notasulga Network on Facebook.! If you can help out with this project, please let us know.


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